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Retractable Roof Structure

RETRACT:IT is an independent, free-standing frame structure with a retractable fabric roof. It is designed to fit into your pre-existing outdoor space and provide ultimate flexibility. Rain or shine, it’s got you covered.

The aluminium frame stands strong and is designed to be in tropical climates that experience severe winds. The PVC membrane is both waterproof and fire retardant, keeping you dry, from monsoon rains, and safely shaded, during hot weather. Business goes on regardless of weather

The roof can be retracted within 30 seconds by one person with minimal physical effort, minimising disruption and effort for all parties involved.

Download our brochure below for our RETRACT:IT FAQ and custom options for your unique solution.

Type: Semi-Permanent
Size: 4/5/6 m2
Frame: Aluminium Frame
Fabric:  PVC polyester membrane

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