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Tensioned fabric structure

This feasibility study covered how to create a weather proof link between two commercial offices towers.

An employee survey identified the need for covering between buildings and to have a taxi drop-off protected from the weather elements.

Our task was to understand the clients’ requirements, the buildings structural constraints and establish whether this would be possible to submit and gain approval under the building ordinance. Three difference design solutions were reviewed against criteria identified and agreed with the client. One particular solution was preferred and developed further.

One of the key requirements being that there is proper rain cover from building entrance to building entrance without a structural element interrupting. The solution was to create a simple, single high point tensioned membrane form that is suspended from above and fixed by means of 4 separate tension cables to the buildings superstructure above. The structure also had to accommodate the existing tree and landscaping, all to work in considered harmony. The resulting solution and form creates a dramatic and welcoming entrance to the building complex.

As an added bonus, through our research, our team were able to resolve a building department submission procedure that opens up real discussions in house with the client to realize this beautiful project.

Type: Permanent
Location: Kowloon Bay, Kowloon
Completion date: 2017
Size: 240m2
Fabric: PTFE membrane