structures for our sustainable planet


As part of LIGHTWEIGHTS WORKS commitment to being a responsible commercial business venture to society and the environment, we review how we operate and what waste is generated from our processes of fabrication and business operations.

The largest single contributor to waste is the left over or off-cut material from the membrane fabrication. These are many pieces of PVC that are small odd shaped and that have no immediate functionality for the production of tensile fabric membranes. 


Recycling - a European based specialized process under taken by TEXYLOOP to regenerate the material as new materials for re-use.

Upcycling - our Hong Kong based initiative to reuse waste material through a creative process and generate functional everyday products.   

RECYCLING is a specialized process under taken by TEXYLOOP, a corporate responsibility initiative from Serge Ferrari. Old PVC membranes are put through a unique process extracting the polyester fibers and PVC for production of new building and industrial materials. The quality level allows 100% re-use of the recycled materials.
UPCYCLING is undertaken under our initiative to utilize, through a creative process, the left over off cuts from stretch membrane fabric. The material is durable, waterproof and available in a few colors. We work with the fabricator designing bags in particular that can be used daily. Functional, strong and simply good value to have one. That strategy adds value to the process of UPCYCLING and reducing waste.