structures for our sustainable planet


We are proud to offer multiple specialized, lightweight solutions to the market. This has grown out of our technical understanding and practical hands-on experience in this field. Each has its own specific outcome and offered under different specialized brands.


Rental tensile structures offered to the event industry. These are stock units, stretch tents that are perfectly suited to flexible requirements of the creative industry, turning ordinary outdoor areas into spectacular event space.


Permanent and semi-permanent solutions to cover space with membrane lightweight structures. It requires both a creative architectural approach as well as a highly engineered development to achieve these optimized efficient structures.


Well designed and carefully engineered, inflatables offer efficient and effective solutions to many commercial and industrial challenges that cannot be met by ordinary solutions. Once deployed, the beauty of inflatable solutions becomes obvious and appreciated.

We are a specialist company working in membrane lightweight structures, LIGHTWEIGHT WORKS follows in the engineering and architectural field of exploration and knowledge of great thinkers and builders from both Europe and the America’s.

Many great architects and engineers have contributed, working in teams and challenging what is possible. In particular, the Institute for Lightweight Structures at the University of Stuttgart led by Frei Otto and his teams from 1964 to 1991 have taught us and inspired us, to leverage their knowledge to a greater good. 

To develop not for developments sake, but to further our collective understanding of what is possible for the benefit of humankind. At LIGHTWEIGHT WORKS we take up that challenge and commit to creating structures for our sustainable planet. To the benefit of all that inhabit the living breathing planet we call home.

Founder of Lightweight Works, Event Canopies HK and Inflate Works, Clive Kirsten brings passion, drive, technical expertise and 25 years of experience to the businesses.

Having trained and practised as an architect, Clive went on to specialise in architecture and engineering by establishing Event Canopies HK in 2006. Introducing lightweight membrane structures to the events and hospitality industry as an alternative to the standard, conventional framed marquee structures. Having originally imported the structures to Hong Kong, he has developed and engineered the product further along with the operational knowledge specific to the ongoing challenging tropical conditions of Asia.

On top of his architectural degrees, Clive completed a Engineering Masters in Membrane Lightweight Structures. This provided the platform to work in ever greater technical and engineering detail to work in semi-permanent and permanent structures. Satisfying the demand in the market for these solutions, Lightweight Works compliments the other two businesses to create a comprehensive solutions platform.