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Enclosed tensioned fabric membrane structure

Located directly on the Bosphorus Istanbul, this prestigious palace and hotel complex attracts a loyal group of wealthy guests that do business and smoke the traditional water pipe as part of a ritual.

The existing facility in the landscaped garden was no longer appropriate to the long-terms requirements and high aspirations of the owners.

Our solution was to incorporate the strong traditions of Turkey and interpret in a contemporary manner. The location is on a beautiful patterned stone terrace between existing palm trees. The tent adopts the contextual architectural language of domes, finials and arches. The forms are shaped in steel and covered in translucent white membrane and transparent single skinned ETFE. The space can be opened or closed easily as the temperate climate requires.

Type: Permanent
Location: Istanbul, Turkey
Completion date: 2015
Size: 28m2
Fabric: PVC polyester + ETFE membrane